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Boundary Channel Partners is a unique team of senior national security and government leaders with the most recent geopolitical and policy experience in the country. Our partners include operations, policy, intelligence, legal, commerce, cyber, education, transportation, energy, homeland, and infrastructure experts from both government and private enterprise. We offer a myriad of services to assist business leaders in making effective decisions in an increasingly global environment.


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Geopolitical Risk Analysis

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Intelligence Red Teaming

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Government Contract Navigation

Capture Strategy Development

Strategic Communications Planning

Organizational Innovation and Change Management

Talent Identification and Placement


Boundary Channel Partners provides a range of strategic advisory and consultative services, from geopolitical risk analysis to M&A advisory, organizational change management to cybersecurity and intelligence red-teaming.


Boundary Channel is committed to free markets, liberty, justice and prosperity, and our social mission is to support our men and women in uniform by hiring over 50% post 9-11 veterans.

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